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We’re thrilled to be featured on the Hitched Bridal Salon blog. Looking forward to working with Hitched and their clients in the future.

August 23, 2011

Hitched Hearts: Foundation Digital Media

With all the vendors you’ve got to book for the big day, decisions can become overwhelming– especially if you’re unsure about what questions to ask to feel confident that you’re booking the best person for the job. Today we’ve got another Q&A with an awesome DC vendor, Foundation Digital Media [formerly Washington Video Marketing]. When it comes to videographers, these folks are the best of the best! If you’ve been contemplating whether or not a videographer is worth hiring for the big day, here are some things to consider!


Q: What are the benefits to hiring a videographer, as opposed to just having friends and family shoot video clips at our wedding?

We think experience really matters. It’s not just about delivering an exceptional product. We do. It’s also about developing relationships, and ultimately, trust.

Weddings and special events are just that…special. It’s critical to work with a team of seasoned professionals that understand how to work in different environments with other vendors and collaborate with a unified goal.
Q: I’m working with a pretty small budget. Is it still possible to hire a videographer in any capacity?

Yes. A boutique-style company [like ours, for example] allows us the creative flexibility to work on most projects regardless of budget. We truly believe there is no project too big or too small. We offer a multitude of wedding and event packages with styles to fit most budgets. You can have a single camera shoot to simply document the event or you can create an elaborate production with multiple cameras and feature-film style editing. The options are seemingly endless!

Q: What can I expect from a videographer on the actual wedding day? Will it feel overwhelming to have one in addition to a photographer?

Not at all, if the person is experienced. Each of our Emmy award-winning Videographers has over 20 plus years of experience. We know how to work with brides and other services providers. Our videos are produced with a light foot-print without intrusive lighting set ups and tons of equipment. While we do have a presence at your event in order to capture your special moments, we understand how to work seamlessly in the background when needed and also with other vendors at your event. We also have our own still photography department offered in our packages, and our professionals work hand-in-hand quite effortlessly.


Q: What are the most important things to look for when I’m trying to decide on a videographer?

We think exceptional production value and communication skills are the two that stand out the most. Production value is not a term that reflects cost. It’s more a about the level of quality as it relates to creativity and professionalism. Some video production companies have their A, B and C list crews that they assign to different events, so you want to be careful you’re getting the type of quality you’ve been promised. At Foundation Digital Media, we believe that our entire team is of the highest quality– including Emmy winners, Murrow award recipients and White House Press Photographers. They are the best of the best. We are very unique in that regard.

Q: Are there other personal events where it’s worth hiring a videographer besides a wedding?

Absolutely! Mitzvah’s, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, red carpet events, fundraisers– the list goes on and on. We just recently booked a birthday party that’s being held on a motor yacht and will leave out of Annapolis for an evening of festivities, cruising the Chesapeake. That’s a first for us and will certainly be a lot fun to produce.

Q: Can you tell us about one of the most fun or unique weddings you’ve worked on?

Honestly, their all fun and unique. That’s the beauty of our business and ultimately good storytelling. Every event is different. Different people, different cultures, new locations– every day is a fresh new perspective. That’s what drives us, and makes this the greatest job in the world.


Thanks so much to our friends at Foundation Digital Media for stopping by today! We truly appreciate the advice, as well as the passion you show for the incredible work that you do. And readers, don’t forget– these vendor spotlights are for YOU, so if you have additional questions or need a particular topic addressed, feel free to leave a comment below or email us at [].

The Wild West…

The merging of HD video and the internet has virtually transformed every website into a personal television station. A true multi-media platform. From these platforms we create, build, work and play. Video has been become such a powerful marketing tool that an entire “eco-system” has developed around it. Video production, post-production, delivery, advertising, marketing, the list goes on and on.  The possible applications are dizzying. Video and the Web is the new Wild West.  A vast new frontier filled with adventure, fortune and and new beginnings.

Since the early 2000′s, we’ve been mired in a transition period between TV and the web. Budgets for broadcast design projects have already plummeted, while commercial dollars have been shrinking noticeably over the last few years. Our current economy is only acting as a catalyst for those dwindling numbers.

The measurable ROI of online advertising, meanwhile, is increasingly attractive as advertisers (and, more importantly, their clients) try to get more bang for their buck. I don’t see us returning to the Age of Massive Budgets anytime soon—and I think that’s a good thing. Instead, we’re going to see a gargantuan swell in the number of smaller budget campaigns with web-based video playing a dominant role. That translates, We hope, into greater creative diversity and a more adventurous attitude regarding experimentation.

Content, in other words, will have to share the throne with Segmentation for the title of King. The efficacy of online video advertising will not be based on exposure; it will be based instead on how well a specific audience can be identified and addressed directly. The web makes this laser-like focus possible. Despite the mad profliferation of cable channels, broadcast is still… well, broadcast. A wide net cast over a very deep ocean. And everyone knows all the really cool fish are way, way down there.

Google & HTML 5 Product

We can’t wait for this to actually happen!!

Article from


Okay, this is some pretty cool news. Google has just released a new product to Labs, called Swiffy. It’s purpose? To convert your Flash files to HTML5 at the touch of a button. This gives website owners, designers, developers, and publishers an easy way to ensure their video, animation, and game content can be viewed across all platforms and devices, including the iPad and iPhone, which don’t support Flash.

Unless you live under a rock, you’re familiar with the Flash-Vs-HTML5 debate, which was fueled by Apple’s decision to keep their iPad tablet devices free of Adobe Flash. Google has been fairly public about their love of Flash, but they certainly haven’t abandoned HTML5.

But for video creators, animators, designers, and publishers, it’s been a bit of a challenge the last couple years to ensure their dynamic content is viewable by all consumers on all devices. In many cases, duplicate versions of content had to be produced–one in Flash and one in HTML5–just to make certain the customer’s viewing experience was the same no matter how they connected.

Now, Google’s Swiffy aims to help simplify things a bit and minimize the legwork required of publishers. If you head over to Swiffy’s page, you’ll see this:

Foundation Digital Media… It’s time to tell your story!



 FOUNDATION DIGITAL MEDIA was sparked by desire. A desire that burned in me some 20 years ago as a young man. A Cameraman. I cut my teeth on minimum wage gigs and heavy diet of Kuralt, Rather and Brokaw. Wanderlust daydreams, the open road and stories of America. Those Sunday mornings long ago, spent watching, studying, hours of BETAMAX taped stories about the heartland, politics and the human condition. The fire of journalism burned deep.

I found myself 18 years into a career that had treated me well. Well enough to show me the world, press the flesh of three Presidents, touch all 50 states and left me with a want for nothing. It had also shown me the worst that humanity had to offer. Good or bad, heaven or hell…they were all stories. Stories that needed to be told. There’s a title all the “shooters” really like hang to on their hats. Photojournalist. That’s it. A Storyteller.

Storytelling (v) The art of conveying events with images, words and sounds.

The broadcast news business has changed. More pop-culture, less substance. Less main street and more mean street.  Everyone loves a train-wreck. 

I found myself scratching my head, watching TMZ and thinking, ” Now what?” It was at that moment that FOUNDATION DIGITAL MEDIA was born. The writing was on the wall.

The fire still burns. The passion for the craft, inexhaustible. Change is good.

FOUNDATION DIGITAL MEDIA was developed as a vehicle that would allow creative storytelling and also serve the needs of corporations, small business and individuals. Everyone has a story. In less than two years time the seed that was FOUNDATION DIGITAL MEDIA had germinated, taken root and blossomed into a flourishing young business. We constantly strived to develop strategic partnerships and lasting relationships. We have continued to add trusted partners and now offer even more production services that include special event cinematography, weddings and still photography.

FOUNDATION DIGITAL MEDIA is now one of the premiere video production companies in Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic region, bringing award-winning photojournalism to the forefront of video production, business marketing and information sharing.

We will continue to provide high quality, cost effective video production services to corporations, small business and non-profits in addition to individuals.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving your video production needs now and in the future. Please visit us at


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