The Wild West…

The merging of HD video and the internet has virtually transformed every website into a personal television station. A true multi-media platform. From these platforms we create, build, work and play. Video has been become such a powerful marketing tool that an entire “eco-system” has developed around it. Video production, post-production, delivery, advertising, marketing, the list goes on and on.  The possible applications are dizzying. Video and the Web is the new Wild West.  A vast new frontier filled with adventure, fortune and and new beginnings.

Since the early 2000′s, we’ve been mired in a transition period between TV and the web. Budgets for broadcast design projects have already plummeted, while commercial dollars have been shrinking noticeably over the last few years. Our current economy is only acting as a catalyst for those dwindling numbers.

The measurable ROI of online advertising, meanwhile, is increasingly attractive as advertisers (and, more importantly, their clients) try to get more bang for their buck. I don’t see us returning to the Age of Massive Budgets anytime soon—and I think that’s a good thing. Instead, we’re going to see a gargantuan swell in the number of smaller budget campaigns with web-based video playing a dominant role. That translates, We hope, into greater creative diversity and a more adventurous attitude regarding experimentation.

Content, in other words, will have to share the throne with Segmentation for the title of King. The efficacy of online video advertising will not be based on exposure; it will be based instead on how well a specific audience can be identified and addressed directly. The web makes this laser-like focus possible. Despite the mad profliferation of cable channels, broadcast is still… well, broadcast. A wide net cast over a very deep ocean. And everyone knows all the really cool fish are way, way down there.

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